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Experience does matter:

For over than 25 years of experience in rubber mixing our engineers have gained great knowledge and experience implemented in our products and services which are successfully used in rubber industry by many companies in Europe.

Some of our customers:

Gummiwerk Kraiburg, RADO Gmbh, ContiTech AG, Compounds AG, Vredestein, PTE GmbH, Trelleborg Ind AB, Federal Mogul

Why choosing us:

  • High quality of products and services for competitive price
  • Complete solution for the mixing room (Turnkey Installation)
  • Unique, adaptive, self-learning mixing control system providing essential savings and stable requested quality
  • Highly advanced analyzing tools for automatic definition of potential threats, hidden options, opportunities and causes of the problems and many other valuable parameters
  • Great experience and knowledge gained for 25 years of dealing with rubber industry
  • 24h Service Support

Our products and services:

  1. Together with our partners we provide the complete solution for the mixing room:
    equipment, automation, unique control system
    (products/services mentioned in this section are also provided separately).
  2. Market leading process analyzing and statistics tools.
  3. Laboratory system (LIMS).
  4. Consulting service: we give consultations about increasing of the effectiveness of the mixing line and quality enhancement, process engineer help-desk.

Unique mixing control system

  1. Much more uniform quality parameters for any compound in spite of feasible variations in properties of ingredients and mixing conditions
  2. Most of compounds which where problematic before MixCont installation get stable requested quality
  3. Scrap rate, compounds rework and problems during further compounds processing in mills and extruders decrease drastically
  4. Essential time and energy savings - minimum 10%
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Others about MixCont control system:

Process analyzing and statistics tools MCStats

Our tools collect, process, systematize and make complex analysis of different kind of data related to the production floor. These tools provide the following:

  1. Complete statistical information about raw materials, mixing in mixer, mills, extruder & laboratory test results. All the mentioned statistical data is available from one single piece of software.
  2. Cause and effect relationships between different parameters
  3. Automatic detection of malfunctions, problems during mixing and other abnormal events
  4. Automatic evaluation of fill factor, dispersion, distribution, viscosity etc.

For example, MixCont statistical tools show the user the reason why viscosity of a compound got out of specification, informs that the filling factor chosen for a recipe is too low or there is a leakage of water into the mixer chamber etc.

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